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PlantNight at art’otel cologne

Get in touch with your creative side with these plants and macramé workshops, every Monday at 19h

From macramé home decorations to flower crowns, PlantNight invites you to take a break from the city stress and enter a bubble of relaxation and skill-learning.


Don’t pass out on this great opportunity and reserve your spot via PlantNight website:

You can also send an e-mail directly: [email protected]

Or simply give them a call: 01724148298


9th December        18:30

12th December      19:00

16th December      19:00

19th December      19:00

22nd December     13:00

3rd January             18:00

5th January             16:30

8th January             18:30

9th January            19:00

10th January           18:00

13th January           18:00

14th January           18:30

16th January           19:00

17th January           18:00

19th January           16:30

20th January           18:30

21st January           18:00

23rd January           19:00

26th January           16:00

28th January          18:00

30th January           19:00

31st January           18:30

5th February           18:30

6th February           19:00

11th February         18:30

18th February         18:30

27th February         18:30

3rd March                18:30

8th March                15:30

16th March              18:30